The History of Make-Believe: Tacitus on Imperial Rome


"In "The History of Make-Believe, Holly Haynes acutely queries the relationship of historiography, historical reality, and symbolic representations of lived historical processes. This is a serious book, informed by wide reading, and full of startlingly original insights on some of the most prominent and significant themes in Tacitus's works. Indeed, it deserves close attention by anyone interested in the political and social strategies of high Imperial Rome."--T. Corey Brennan, author of "The Praetorship in the Roman Republic

"In Tacitus the historical truth is conveyed in literary truth-telling. Instead of leaving the two separated as we do, Holly Haynes shows that Tacitus put them together in what she calls the combination 'make-believe.' Her book shines with originality and intelligence while opening the way to Tacitus's canny wisdom."--Harvey Mansfield, author of "Machiavelli's Virtue

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