Mexico's Mandarins: Crafting a Power Elite for the Twenty-First Century


""Mexico's Mandarins represents scholarship of superior quality and is virtually unique in the level of information on which it draws. No other scholar could have written this book and no other scholar will ever be able to reproduce it. I suspect that it will become the definitive work on Mexican elites in the twentieth century."--Kathleen Bruhn, author of "Mexico: The Struggle for Democratic Development

"After thirty years of studying individual Mexican elites--political, economic, intellectual, military, and religious--Camp brings together the conclusions from all of his previous research in one capstone volume. This unique study offers the first thorough investigation of Mexico's power elites and, for the first time, identifies the essential role played by mentors in the Mexican system of recruiting, promoting, and facilitating the power elites. This is a masterful work that should be read by everyone interested in twentieth century Mexico and those interested in the behavior of power elites."--William H. Beezley, author of "The Oxford History of Mexico

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