Murder in New York City


"Brilliant and original in very many ways, with nice touches of wit. I can think of no book on homicide from which I've learned more: the biggest, longest, and most careful longitudinal study ever, in the world's most important city."--Roger Lane, author of "Murder in America

"Eric Monkkonen is one of the world's leading crime historians. With characteristic diligence, he has gone back 200 years to capture the records on all homicides in New York City, consistently the nation's big city, and so a good model for urban homicide more generally. He explores in considerable detail the changing dimensions of demography, relationships, situations, and weaponry, thereby providing important insights that would not emerge from the more typical short-term analysis."--Alfred Blumstein, coeditor of "The Crime Drop in America

"The topic is obviously important, the research remarkable, the analysis very interesting, and the writing engaging. Despite the grim subject, this book is fun to read."--Ken Pomeranz, author of,"The Great Divergence

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Berkeley, CA
Publication year:
  • 2001


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