The Anatomy of Neoplatonism

The Anatomy of Neoplatonism

The Anatomy of Neoplatonism

The Anatomy of Neoplatonism


This study proposes that Neoplatonism, while not a modern philosophy, is philosophy in the modern sense. Lloyd analyzes the key structures that underlie the dogmas of the Neoplatonic world picture, including the concept of emanation, the return of the soul to the One, the place of mystical knowledge, epistemology, and Porphyry's theory of predication, and shows that they rest on original but intelligible concepts and arguments.


To name friends and scholars to whom I have been indebted for criticism and encouragement in writing this book would be either invidious or impracticable. It is built on work which extends over many years. Some of that work found its way into articles; and sometimes, I should mention, these now seem to me to contain significant errors. But sometimes they contain in greater detail the arguments for claims I make in the present book--hence the inordinate number of my own articles in the bibliography. By and large neither the text nor consequently the bibliography (which includes only publications that are mentioned in the text) follows the practice of providing information for information's sake about further treatment of topics in question. The general index too is restricted because it complements the sub-headings of the table of contents.

References to texts follow, I hope, accepted custom. In the absence of one for Proclus I refer to his Platonic Theology by Book and chapter followed, where needed, by page and line numbers of the Saffrey-Westerink edition. The numbers for the Elements of Theology are those of the propositions, but the lines are those of corresponding pages in Dodds' text since that is how he numbered them. The initial Roman numbers of the Timaeus commentary indicate Diehl's volumes, not Proclus' Books.

Last and least, '∼' means 'corresponds to'.

A. C. L.

Hove, E. Sussex December 1988 . . .

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