Stress Management Programme for Secondary School Students

Stress Management Programme for Secondary School Students

Stress Management Programme for Secondary School Students

Stress Management Programme for Secondary School Students


This is a resource pack for teachers to use in classrooms to help students combat stress. As well as the theory, it presents photocopiable worksheets. The pack covers the following areas: * preparing for exams * learning study skills * building self-confidence and self-esteem * coping with relationships and family problems * diet and exercise issues. The information is presented in an accessible way and there are plenty of follow-up activities and strategies for coping. Everything is geared towards making it readable and interesting for young peoplenbsp;without losingnbsp;sight of the needs of the curriculum.


Stress in young people is increasing at an alarming rate. All those in contact with teenagers have witnessed the increasing pressures placed on this age group, often without an increase in the support available to them. In my work with professionals and parents I have been asked many times: what resources are available to help young people to improve the way they cope with stress? To date, there have been few attempts to provide such resources.

It has, however, become impossible to ignore this need. Increases in stress-related outcomes such as suicidal behaviour, eating disorders, exam stress, depression, anxiety and risk-taking behaviour indicate that today's young people are having problems coping.

This resource pack is based on four years of intensive research with nearly 1,500 adolescents and an extensive review of our current knowledge of risk, resiliency and stress in this age group.

The programme was evaluated over a one-year period (using comparison and control groups) and has been shown to improve coping skills, self-esteem, quality of relationships and mood, as well as reducing the frequency and impact of stressful life events and daily stress. Levels of depression and anxiety also decreased following participation.

The pack is designed so that teachers and professionals can guide students through the information using an experiential learning format. As every teacher knows, students learn best when they produce answers that are meaningful and relevant to them. This pack encourages students to think in advance about forthcoming issues

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