Tackling Bullying in Your School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers

Tackling Bullying in Your School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers

Tackling Bullying in Your School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers

Tackling Bullying in Your School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers


Tackling Bullying in Your Schoolprovides teachers and other educational professionals with an accessible, yet comprehensive and detailed guide to handling bullying in schools. Step-by-step advice is given on developing a school-wide policy which is generally seen as the essential nucleus of effective action. The book also suggests methods for tackling bullying through classroom and curriculum activities, including video, drama, and the use of quality circles and of working with pupils involved in bullying situations. As the majority of bullying takes place in playgrounds, the book includes innovative sections on training lunchtime supervisors, enhancing playground activities, and improving the playground environment. The book is unique in drawing together a broad spectrum of intervention styles and describing them in sufficient detail so that teachers can take immediate action against bullying.


Sonia Sharp

David Thompson

A whole-school policy should be central to any efforts to tackle the problem of bullying in schools. the anti-bullying policy provides a framework for intervention and prevention and should be an extension of existing behaviour and equal opportunities policy. in this section, we will describe the process of policy development and implementation but first we will establish what an anti-bullying policy is and how it can help your school to tackle bullying behaviour.

What is an anti-bullying policy?

The policy itself is a statement of intent which guides action and organisation within the school. the policy therefore establishes a clear set of agreed aims which provide pupils, staff and parents with a sense of direction and an understanding of the commitment of the school to do something about bullying behaviour. To enable implementation of the policy, the school will define procedures and systems for preventing and responding to bullying. Both the policy and the strategies underpinning it help staff to be consistent in their approach to bullying behaviour and to promote anti-bullying values within the school.

The policy can be implemented at a number of levels. Schools which are attempting to change attitudes and behaviour in their school must make a concerted effort to address the problem in all parts of the school system.

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