Linguistics for L2 Teachers

Linguistics for L2 Teachers

Linguistics for L2 Teachers

Linguistics for L2 Teachers


Linguistics for L2 Teachers is designed to help bilingual and ESL teachers better understand how and why the English language works, and to broaden their abilities to help their students learn about the various functions of English in the real world. It is not a complete curriculum in English linguistics, but rather, a foundation from which teachers can continue to grow and to teach with greater confidence. The reader-friendly, conversational style makes the concepts easily accessible to preservice and in-service teachers who have little or no previous experience in language study. This textbook: * explains various aspects of English using non-technical terminology; * goes beyond the study of grammar to examine the functions of language, not just its form; * presents language applications in L2 classrooms; and * clearly delineates the significance of chapter topics for L2 teachers and students. Each chapter includes prereading activities to enhance the reader's comprehension; postreading activities to expand and elaborate the concepts; and interactive "Be A Linguist" activities to help readers think in ways similar to the ways linguists think and to provide opportunities to apply ideas explained within the chapter. Intended for all teachers of students for whom English is a new language, this text will help them be better prepared to meet the important challenges and questions they encounter in their classrooms.


Teachers of English to students who are learning English as a new language face numerous challenges frequently unknown to the other teachers in the school building.

To begin with, in elementary schools there are teachers who have followed courses of study, at the undergraduate level and often at the graduate level, learning how to help native English-speaking children learn how to read and write, how to do math, science, art, and the like.

Moreover, in middle schools and high schools there are teachers who have followed similar courses of study in order to learn how better to teach history, geography, English, music, and other subjects to native English-speaking learners. Usually, these teachers declared an academic major in these subjects during their university studies.

Teachers of English to those children whose languages of nurture were not English come to English as a second language . . .

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