A Lover's Diary

A Lover's Diary

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A Lover's Diary

A Lover's Diary

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Lost, and not lost !

When Silence taketh in the night her place,

And I my soul deliver

All to sweet dreaming of thy sovereign grace,

I see the green hills on beyond the river

Thy feet have crossed.

And so, my friend,

I have and hold thee all the while I wait,

Musing and melancholy;

And so these songs to thee I dedicate,

Whose song shall flow henceforth serene and holy,

Life without end.

For, dear, dear one,

Even as a traveller doomed alone to go

Through some wild wintry valley,

Takes in his poor rude hand the wayside snow,

And shapes it to the likeness of a lily,

So have I done ;

The while I wove

Lays that to men's minds haply might recall

Some bower of bliss unsaddened,

Moulding and modulating one and all

Upon thy life, so many lives that gladdened

With light and love.

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