The Trauma of Gender: A Feminist Theory of the English Novel


""The Trauma of Gender is a wonderfully crafted text, provocative, insightful, and imaginative. Moglen not only shows us how to read the intrapsychic processes at work in fiction, but offers a careful consideration of the social form that loss, mourning, and desire take in the fictions she considers. Along the way, she develops a nuanced account of the origin of the novel, showing her readers in subtle ways how the beginnings of fiction and the beginnings of fantasy are interwoven. Her text exemplifies psychoanalytic literary criticism at its best, offering a fine and probing study of the social and psychic dimensions of literary works."--Judith Butler, author of "Gender Trouble

"These extremely powerful and authoritative new readings of important canonical texts will set a new standard for discussions of the novel as a genre. Moglen's work as an interpreter of literary texts and of psychoanalytic theories is superior, and her muscular writing style is well-suited to the pleasurably pessimistic bent of her critical mind."--Lisa L. Moore, author of "Dangerous Intimacies: Toward a Sapphic History of the British Novel

"In this lucid and perceptive study, Helene Moglen looks steadily at the shadow side of canonical eighteenth-century fiction and sees the psychic costs of waxing individualism. The book is an excellent corrective to the view that the novel is a triumphant expression of bourgeois values."--Catherine Gallagher, author of "Nobody's Story: The Vanishing Acts of Women Writers in the Marketplace, 1670-1820


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