Perspectives on Classifier Constructions in Sign Language


Each section focuses on a particular issue and papers that discuss general questions, as well as comment on specific issues are presented at the end of each section. Contents: Preface. Part I: The Syntax and Morphology of Classifiers in Sign Languages. A. Schembri, Rethinking "Classifiers" in Signed Languages. B. Bergman, L. Wallin, Noun and Verbal Classifiers in Swedish Sign Language M. Arnoff, I. Meir, C. Padden, W. Sandler, Classifier Complexes and Morphology in Two Sign Languages. A. Aikhenvald, Commentary: Classifiers in Spoken and in Signed Languages: How to Know More. C. Grinevald, Classifier Systems in the Context of a Typology of Nominal Classification. Part II: Cross-Linguistic Variation in Classifier Constructions and Spatial Language. U. Zeshan, "Classificatory" Constructions in Indo-Pakistani Sign Language: Grammaticalization and Lexicalization Processes. G. Tang, Verbs of Motion and Location in Hong Kong Sign Language: Conflation and Lexicalization. L. Talmy, Commentary: The Representation of Spatial Structure in Spoken and Signed Language. Part III: Classifier Constructions and Gesture. S. Liddell, Sources of Meaning in ASL Classifier Predicates. K. Emmorey, M. Herzig, Categorical Versus Gradient Properties of Classifier Constructions in ASL. T. Supalla, Commentary: Revisiting Visual Analogy in ASL Classifier Predicates. S. Duncan, Gesture in Language: Issues for Sign Language Research. Part IV: The Acquisition of Classifier Constructions. D.I. Slobin, N. Hoiting, M. Kuntze, R. Lindert, A. Weinberg, J. Pyers, M. Anthony, Y. Biederman, H. Thumann, A Cognitive/Functional Development of Reference Switching Encoded Through Body Classifiers in British Sign Language. E.Engberg-Pedersen, How Composite Is a Fall: Adults' and Children's Descriptions of Different Types of Falls in Danish Sign Language.

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Includes content by:
  • Karen Emmorey
  • Adam Schembri
  • Brita Bergman
  • Lars Wallin
  • Mark Aronoff
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Mahwah, NJ
Publication year:
  • 2003


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