Heart Disease in Women

Heart Disease in Women

Heart Disease in Women

Heart Disease in Women


Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of women, but a poorly researched area. This book provides a stand-alone guide for clinicians in the treatment of heart disease in their female patients. The text offers detailed coverage for treatment during pregnancy, and includes discussion of special topics such as AIDS, co-existing disease, and behavioral disorders.


Heart disease in women is an important topic. Many persons believe that it has received inadequate attention from physicians and even from women themselves. Some women maintain that serious attention to heart and vascular diseases has focused primarily on men, because heart attacks generally occur earlier in men, leading to relatively early disability and sometimes death.

However, just as it is in men, heart disease is also the major cause of death and disability in women. Heart attacks in the postmenopausal years, and heart muscle (cardiomyopathies) and valvular heart diseases in the premenopausal years, are very serious problems for women. Some forms of heart disease may even be more difficult to recognize and treat in women than in men. Therefore, one cannot arbitrarily assume that what applies to men also applies to women, especially with regard to the different forms of treatment.

For these reasons, we have produced this textbook, Heart Disease in Women, which discusses a wide range of important issues related to women and heart disease. In some areas, the medical community's knowledge is incomplete and needs to be enhanced. We are committed to furthering the search for new knowledge and to publishing periodic updates of this text. By drawing on the wisdom of some of today's leading specialists, this book provides us with a solid foundation upon which to build.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the contributors, without whose time, effort, and expertise our text would not exist. We owe special thanks to Marianne Mallia, Virginia Fairchild, Christina Chambers, Jude Richard, and Jackie McCollum at the Texas Heart Institute, who edited and managed the project through its final stages. Finally, we are most appreciative of the continued cooperation and encouragement of our publisher, W.B. Saunders, and especially of the help we received there from Natalie Ware, production manager, and Carol DiBerardino, manuscript editor.


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