Independent Radicalism in Early Victorian Britain


The reasons why people arise to express dissatisfaction with their present, and how they imagine and work towards an alternative, have enduring relevance. The reform campaigns of 19th-century Britain are of interest not only in their own right, but also because of what they reveal about processes of political and social change. This book examines the personal, social, political, ideological, and tactical components of radicalism in Britain between the 1820s and 1860s, and casts new light on the meaning, nature, and reception of reform during this period. The main avenues of inquiry are provided by the career of Thomas Perronet Thompson, a prominent MP, political economist, and writer who helped to shape and articulate an "independent radicalism," which, with its distinctive commitments, outlook, and identity, has not previously been defined or explained.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Westport, CT
Publication year:
  • 2004


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