A Never-ending Conflict: A Guide to Israeli Military History

A Never-ending Conflict: A Guide to Israeli Military History

A Never-ending Conflict: A Guide to Israeli Military History

A Never-ending Conflict: A Guide to Israeli Military History


This is the story of a tragic confrontation between two national movements contesting the same small piece of land, a clash that has become one of the most intractable issues in modern times. From the establishment of the first Zionist colonies in the 1880s, tensions have run high between the indigenous Arab population of Palestine and Jews who have sought to create an independent state on land they consider their ancient home. Clashes, both internal and external, have become increasingly violent. Since the first full-scale Palestinian Revolt in 1936, relations have, except for a few brief periods of peace, been characterized by continuous and escalating degrees of bloodshed. Twelve major clashes can be identified from that first three-year struggle to the current Intifada al Aqsa. Here, 12 Israeli historians and writers present reflections on the incidents, along with up-to-date analysis and historical assessment.


Ever since the State of Israel saw the light of day in May 1948, it has faced constant attempts to eliminate it. in the process, it has had to engage in a series of conventional wars and ward off ongoing guerilla skirmishes and sheer acts of terrorism initiated by the Palestine Liberation Organization and its allies, such as Hamas. All this has exacted a heavy toll in terms of loss of life and economic and social dislocation.

This book serves to provide some perspective of the nature and impact of each of Israel's many military campaigns. Its editor, Mordechai Bar-On, is uniquely placed in being able to determine who among Israel's academic community is eminently suitable to analyze specific episodes in Israel's efforts to defend itself. Like Bar-On, all of the writers are essentially men of peace who bear no intrinsic malice against their country's adversaries. Their judgments are well balanced and insightful, affording the reader a rare opportunity to begin to understand the true complexities of the issues at hand. Furthermore, some of the obfuscations, deliberate and otherwise, relating to Israel's defense forces have effectively been dispelled.

Leslie Stein

General Editor, Praeger Series
on Jewish and Israeli Studies

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