Essentials of Patents

Essentials of Patents

Essentials of Patents

Essentials of Patents


While there are many books on "how to patent" and patent law, Essentials of Patents delivers practical advice on how to leverage patents as a powerful competitive corporate tool. This is not your "ordinary patent book". It's emphasis is directed to patent management with the express emphasis of increasing shareholder value, and it's audience, each with its own chapter, includes the CEO / ICO, CFO, CTO, and cross functional managers of HR, Engineering, Manufacturing and IT. Essentials of Patents is arguably one of the first works on intellectual property that drives home the importance of patent creation, protection and exploitation throughout the enterprise. Gibbs and DeMatteis show how patents can enhance competitive intelligence, product development cost reduction, product line expansion, and revenue streams, making this guide a must-have for the savvy manager. In it, the authors introduce a new management methodology: Patent Quality Management, or "PQM". With public company market values more than 90% attributable to the value of intangible assets and patents, the time has come for all corporate managers, not just R&D and legal counsel, to master intellectual property management in this competitive global market (and shareholders are demanding it).


As one of the first important works to define the roles and sculpt the methodology of patent-centric management, Essentials of Patents dispels the mystery behind patents. Senior staff members and managers from every department throughout the enterprise organization will take off on a fast-paced educational journey through the convergence of business, law, finance, marketing, operations and, of course, patents.

Patent attorneys know patent law, yet very few can apply their patent knowledge to a specific corporate business strategy.

Chief financial officers (CFOs) routinely involve themselves with mergers and acquisitions, which often requires the valuation of patent portfolios—yet few CFOs know the first thing about patent valuation.

Although marketing managers continue to bet on new products based on market research, few understand the incredible competitive advantage of analyzing a competitor's research and development (R&D) focus via that company's patent activity—yet the information is there for the taking.

In fact, in the hands of knowledgeable, contemporary managers, patent information is becoming a cornerstone of corporate strategy, shareholder value building, and short-term business and legal tactics.

Overlay these trends with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations and shareholder backlash from corporate failures such as Enron and Worldcom, and shareholders are demanding more accountability from the senior staff—accountability to protect and grow their stock value.

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