Who's Who in the New Testament

Who's Who in the New Testament

Who's Who in the New Testament

Who's Who in the New Testament


Who's Who in The New Testament is the most complete and detailed reference book of its kind. Paying close attention to the places linked with the major events of Jesus's life, it provides:* over 300 extensive entries covering every major character* detailed biographical information on each character, including exactly where to find them in the Bible* the complete historical, geographical and archaeological context of each entry* an extremely accessible and easy to use A-Z layout* extensive geographical entries focusing on the growth of the Christian Church and the key locations in the New Testament* comprehensive interpretative analysis of the varying versions of the Gospels and the characters of the authors.


The scope of this work is comprehensive and includes all the people mentioned by name in the New Testament as well as some who remain unnamed like the centurions at Capernaum and Calvary, together with certain political and religious groups. The articles are necessarily limited and selective in content, but are primarily planned for the general reader, students and others needing concise, accurate and readable information. They are not intended for scholarly research, but are meant to answer questions raised by ordinary reading.

Considerable space has been given to those personalities thought to be essential to the New Testament story. Thus, such characters have been briefly introduced, their biography outlined without commentary and their significance assessed. In the process, some attention has been paid to sources of information and authorship, and, where relevant, to environment and archaeological evidence. Very little knowledge of places and persons has been assumed, and the reader is often reminded of names and dates, the topography and chronology of events.

The names have been compiled from the Revised Standard Version, but include some variants from the King James Version. The R.S.V. New Testament, the work of American scholars first published in 1946, was an authorised revision of the American Standard Version of 1901, itself a revision of the King James version published in 1611.

The derivation of each character's name, its origin from Hebrew, Greek or Latin, is given—where it is known and appears to be of interest. Relevant scripture references are listed at the end of each article and in some cases scripture passages are quoted at length. A table of abbreviations is to be found on page xvii.

Repetition has been reduced to a minimum, so have cross-references, in the hope that each entry may stand on its own. No Old Testament names have been included, unless there is a New Testament character of the same name. The selection of groups and types of people, for example scribes and centurions, may appear to be arbitrary, but has tended towards those playing a major role in the life of the central character, Jesus. There is an article on the Essenes, who are not mentioned in the New Testament, since many of their ideas are reflected in the Gospels.

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