Dictionary of Latin American Theater

Dictionary of Latin American Theater

Dictionary of Latin American Theater

Dictionary of Latin American Theater


Latin American culture has given birth to numerous dramatic works, though it has often been difficult to locate information about these plays and playwrights. This volume traces the history of Latin American theater, including the Nuyorican and Chicano theaters of the United States, and surveys its history from the pre-Columbian period to the present. Sections cover individual Latin American countries. Each section features alphabetically arranged entries for playwrights, independent theaters, and cultural movements.


The Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater presents the history of the theater of Latin America as well as the history of the Nuyorican and Chicano theaters of the United States. It contains entries describing the most important playwrights, independent theaters, and cultural movements in Latin American theater. The preparation of this volume is the result of the cooperation of American and Hispanic scholars.

Specifically oriented toward the English-speaking public, this encyclopedia introduces the Latin American theater from its origin in a sociocultural context. The entries are of varying length, determined by the relative importance of the playwright or the literary movement. Each biographical entry contains factual information about the dramatist's life and works, a list of works, and a secondary bibliography. The more extensive entries also provide a critical perspective of the playwright. Translations are given for most Spanish titles.

The volume is divided into the following sections: Overview of Latin American Theater; Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater by country, in alphabetical order, including Nuyorican and Chicano theaters; General Bibliography; Index; and About the Contributors. The Overview discusses the general development of Latin American theater within a cultural and historical perspective. The development of theater across the centuries is presented at the beginning of each country. The biographical and topical entries are arranged alphabetically within each country section and place the author or movement within the context of international literature.

The entries of individuals are alphabetized by last name. Individuals with two last names are alphabetized under the first one. For instance, “Conrado Nalé Roxlo” is found under “Nalé.” Birth and death dates, when known, follow the entry name. Each entry contains both a biographical note and most contain bibliographical information.

Citations of an author's plays include the following information, when known: title of the work with an English translation, date of first-staged performance, place of first-staged performance, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, and page numbers, where applicable. The works are listed in chronological order.

Bibliographical information appears in alphabetical order, by author's last name. The entries chosen are usually those that are most easily available in the United States. For authors about whom much has been written, a representative sample of bibliographical material is provided.

The entries for each country—except Mexico and Nicaragua—were authored by the individual whose name appears at the end of that country section. Mexico and Nicaragua are multiauthored; for these two countries, the entry author's name appears at the end of the entry.

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