Research Methods for Organizational Studies

Research Methods for Organizational Studies

Research Methods for Organizational Studies

Research Methods for Organizational Studies


"This practical text provides students of management and organizational studies with clear, concise guidelines for conducting real-world research. Unusually applied, this volume not only provides tools with which to do research (data sets and statistical software), but also discusses application issues typically missing from other research texts - for example, cleaning data, addressing missing data, coding data, and transforming data." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


This book introduces students to social science methods as applied broadly to the study of issues that arise as part of organizational life. These include issues involving organizational participants such as managers, teachers, customers, patients, and clients, and transactions within and between organizations. The material in the book is an outgrowth of nearly 30 years in teaching research classes to masters and beginning doctoral students at the Universities of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Purdue. Although these classes have been offered in management and/or industrial relations departments, students participating have come from many other programs including industrial/organizational and social psychology, educational administration, sociology, marketing, communication arts, operations management, nursing, health care administration, and industrial engineering.

Naturally, my views about research and about what constitutes good research practice have strongly influenced the content of this book. However, experiences while teaching have had the most significant impact on the organization, emphases, and tone of the book. Many students experience anxiety when they begin a course in research methods; not all students begin such a course enthusiastically. This book aims to reduce anxiety by presenting research methods in a straightforward and understandable fashion. It aims to enhance student motivation by providing practical skills needed to carry out research activities.

Why Another Book on Research Methods?

There is no shortage of research methods books; I've taught using many of them. However, students' reactions to these books have often been unfavorable. Some methods books, although encyclopedic in terminology and tech-

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