Citizenship through Secondary Geography


All secondary schools are now obliged to teach 'citizenship', and geography has been pinpointed as one of the key subjects through which citizenship can be taught. This is the first book of its kind to lead teachers of geography through this new and challenging development in the curriculum. Citizenship Through Secondary Geography reveals the potential of geography to engage with citizenship. It provides: * theoretical signposts in the form of short, digestible explanations for key ideas such as racism, values, identity, community and social exclusion * a number of inset activities 'For Further Thinking' * a critique of the discipline and the pitfalls to avoid in teaching citizenship through geography * practical teaching suggestions. All the contributions to this valuable book point to the capacity of geography to engage with citizenship, values, education and people - environment decision-making, on scales that range from the local to the global. It offers positive and direct ways to become involved in the thinking that must underpin any worthwhile citizenship education, for all experienced teachers, student teachers, heads of department, curriculum managers, principals and policy-makers.

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