To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform

To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform

To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform

To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform


New reprint with commentary by Sir Peter Hall, Dennis Hardy and Colin WardQuality facsimile edition complete with original drawingsCelebrates the centenary of the first garden city--Letchworth in Hertfordshire, UK


This is the first Republication of Ebenezer Howard's To-Morrow since the original Swan Sonnenschein edition of 1898. Commentators Professor Sir Peter Hall-now President of the Town and Country Planning Association, formed in 1899 to promote Howard's ideas-and Colin Ward introduce the text and provide notes on its context and content; Dennis Hardy, the Association's historian, provides a Postscript on the consequences. These were rapid, direct and profound: the first Garden City at Letchworth was begun in 1903, Welwyn followed after the Great War in 1919, while similar developments took place almost simultaneously in many countries, most notably in Germany and France.

To-Morrow was also to lead-through the tireless advocacy of F.J. Osborn, Howard's manager at Welwyn and later full time leader of the TCPA-to the uk New Towns Act 1946, by which the state acquired land at 'no new town' values and laid the necessary foundations for nearly 28 new towns in Great Britain and four in Northern Ireland. the huge government investment in this programme was all repaid, with interest. and the people in the new towns-around two million of them-enjoy, for the most part, a remarkably high quality of life. the British model for implementing carefully planned sustainable development has been copied world-wide.

Howard's unique combination of ideas also fuelled the popular demand for the regulation and design of the use of land in the uk, culminating in the Town and Country Planning Act 1947 which nationalized land development rights. Though swiftly robbed of its provisions for the collection of rising land values conferred by the grant of planning permission, the Act shaped modern Britain and has provided a benchmark for the design of town planning systems in most of the developed world.

This facsimile edition is published to celebrate the centenary of the first Garden City at Letchworth. It may also mark the rebirth of the new towns movement in its homeland, as the uk Government plans four huge growth areas accommodating more than 200,000 homes in the South East of England. So this edition is far more than an exercise in planning history: all those practically involved in new town planning, whether in Britain or across the world, will find enormous profit in reading this new edition of To-Morrow. the answers they seek will be found in these pages.

David Lock

Chairman of the Town and Country Planning Association

March 2003

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