Contemporary Issues in Development Economics

Contemporary Issues in Development Economics

Contemporary Issues in Development Economics

Contemporary Issues in Development Economics


This brand new collection of articles looks at both traditional concerns in economic development such as aid, debt, and the role of the IMF, but also at gender, brain drain, military expenditure and post-colonial theory.


Some of the pressing contemporary issues in development economics have been in existence for many years. in fact, some of the issues like human development are indeed as old as human civilisation. But these issues were recognised formally very late, and only since the inception of development economics as a special branch of mainstream economics in the 1950s. Unfortunately many of these basic issues could not be resolved during the last century, while some other issues have indeed become problematic in the current century.

The basic purpose of the present volume is to examine some of the central issues in the economic development of Third World countries. the issues presented here are fundamental to human development, resource allocation, technological progress and international interactions between developing and developed countries. the development implications of such interactions have not yet been sufficiently understood by all. Hence, the need for such a volume.

There are myriad contemporary issues that currently confront development economics. This book, however, focuses mainly on those issues which are very basic and those which are related to the political economy of international development and underdevelopment. I am sure that the volume presents most of the more important issues in these areas of development economics.

In the preparation of the volume I have incurred intellectual indebtedness to many. I am thankful to the contributors who in spite of their busy working schedule have written valuable pieces for this volume. My thanks are also due to Abdul Hamid Abdul Wahab, Executive Officer, for his impeccable secretarial assistance and to Ms Marina Cheah for typing out a portion of the manuscript. However, none of them is responsible for the errors that might have crept in.

B.N. ghosh

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