Sports Management and Administration

Sports Management and Administration

Sports Management and Administration

Sports Management and Administration


Sports Management and Administration 2nd Edition presents a comprehensive overview of the management of sport in the UK at every level, from the European context to the organisation of voluntary grass roots sport. Fully revised reflecting the rapid evolution of many of the sporting structures in the UK, the book is an invaluable introduction to the key management processes in sports provision and delivery, from human resources to finance, marketing and strategy. Written by one of the UK's leading sports management consultants, this key textbook includes a wealth of contemporary case-study material, and is available in paperback for the first time. It will be essential introductory reading for all students of sports and leisure management and sports development, as well as an invaluable reference for all professional managers in sport, from local authorities to national governing bodies.


Sport, like so many other areas of life and business, changes radically and very quickly in this modern age. Since the first edition of this book, many of the structures and organizations governing sport in the UK have altered quite significantly in terms of structure and delivery mechanisms.

The Sydney Olympics have had a major impact on the profile of sport worldwide, and have left a massive 'feelgood' factor which has influenced governments worldwide.

In the UK, the government has had much more impact on the delivery of sport through various initiatives and guidance like how lottery and other funding should be focused and delivered. There is a massive new emphasis on sport in schools, and the government has begun to see sport as a tool in tackling social problems.

These changes can often seem remote to people operating at local level, but in truth they have a major impact across all levels of sports delivery in the country. A change in focus for the lottery, for example, can mean that access to sports funding at a local level can change quite radically.

This new edition reflects on all such changes and has a new section to include website addresses as well as an extended bibliography to reflect the sizeable growth in relevant information and publications on sport and its delivery. Sports management and administration is truly a growth business.

The text also looks at specific current issues, including Best Value and technological developments, and includes a larger section on sports development planning and the input of volunteers.

The contents reflect the current trends in the growing and dynamic sport scene in the UK, and provide information to help the practitioner and the student understand the key issues more clearly, and ultimately deliver improved sports management and administration.

Now is an exciting time to be involved in sport and the future looks just as promising—if not more so!

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