Globalization and Governance

Globalization and Governance

Globalization and Governance

Globalization and Governance


Globalization and Governance is a completely up-to-date, impartial survey of a variety of perspectives on what constitutes governance and how globalization may impact governance and the state. Eleven essays and a thorough introduction provide a theoretical framework and a literature overview. Unlike most books on the subject, this does not espouse any ideological agenda and examines the topical subject of globalization in a conceptually rigorous way.


This second volume in the ripe Series in Global Political Economy illustrates the ongoing lively debates in the field of International Political Economy (IPE) about the nature and implications of globalization. Interestingly enough, in recent years the debates about globalization have started to show an intercontinental bifurcation between North American (primarily US) and European (including British) debates. One of the reasons for this bifurcation is a drifting apart of scholars on both sides of the Atlantic in terms of their theoretical, epistemological, and ontological concerns.

In this volume, editors Aseem Prakash and Jeffrey Hart try to partially bridge this gap between different research traditions by organizing the collection's theme of globalization and governance around the debate between neo-institutionalists and constructivists. Whereas representatives of the rational actor-informed neo-institutionalist approach are mostly US-based scholars, the constructivist approach (or rather approaches) seems to provide some common ground for scholars from both continents to meet. As such the collection not only brings together a group of very prominent ipe scholars, but it also makes an important contribution to rekindling debates and exchanges between different research traditions. in so doing the editors are addressing two major concerns of heterodox (or new) political economy as it was originally formulated in the first issue of the Review of International Political Economy: first, to develop explanations which address both structure and agency; second, to rethink the foundations of ipe against the backdrop of globalization. the volume's theme of globalization and governance provides the focal point for addressing these concerns.

Processes of globalization have called into question the efficacy and relevance of existing governance structures. the search for new structures is one of the guiding themes of this collection, whereby contributing authors attach varying importance to actors or structures. the collection illustrates how globalization forces ipe scholars from distinct research traditions to reformulate and re-articulate their theoretical views. Even an actor-oriented neo-institutionalist approach now has to take structural factors into consideration.

Furthermore, the state as a basic unit of analysis has lost much of its primacy in understanding and explaining new global governance structures.

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