Organization and Management: Selected Papers

Organization and Management: Selected Papers

Organization and Management: Selected Papers

Organization and Management: Selected Papers


Barnard was prompted by Vilfredo Pareto's seminal four volume work Mind and Society to apply his theories of sociology to management studies. Barnard's study of interaction between people in economic settings was contentious in that he concluded that human behaviour within these settings is largely non-economic and instead approaches ritualistic symbolism.


For many years I have been practicing the arts of organizing and managing in widely divergent types of organizations. This experience has increasingly generated a curiosity of a scientific kind concerning the nature of organizations and the means of determining the behavior of those whose activities compose them. This has led to a number of papers and lectures about various aspects of organization and of the practice of management.

One integrated set of these papers, a course of Lowell Institute Lectures given in 1937, was converted into book form in The Functions of the Executive. A few have appeared first in book symposiums of papers by several authors; still others were first published in journals. Some of the more important, however, were printed privately and were distributed only to my friends and associates in business, public affairs, and academic life, and have not been available to the public.

The generous reception of The Functions of the Executive and the frequent requests for copies of reprints of papers have suggested the publication of a collection of them restricted to those that now seem of more permanent value.

The papers selected are presented herein in the order of date of first publication or delivery. Where necessary, an explanatory note concerning the paper is presented with it and, therefore, further comment here seems in most instances unnecessary. However, I should like to make special comment about three of them.

"Concepts of Organization." This is an exegesis of the ap

Harvard University Press, 1938.

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