Design and Emotion: The Experience of Everyday Things

Design and Emotion: The Experience of Everyday Things

Design and Emotion: The Experience of Everyday Things

Design and Emotion: The Experience of Everyday Things


'Design and Emotion' is a collection of papers that were given at the 3rd Design and Emotion Conference 2002. These contributions outline the developments, findings and techniques in industrial applications and in research, bringing the reader up to date with the current thinking in this field.


Design and emotion has gained significant interest within design practice and design research over the last ten years. We can no longer ignore the important role that emotions play in the generation, development, production, purchase, and final use of products that we surround ourselves with.

In 1999, the Department of Industrial Design of Delft University of Technology organised a two-day conference on 'design and emotion'. Invited speakers from all over the world shared their views and data on a range of topics, such as design for the senses, engaging experiences, irrational aspects of technology, mixed emotions, and Kansei engineering. As broad as these topics may seem, they are all related to our affective interaction with and responses to human artefacts. At the seminar it was widely recognised that this new perspective in research and design is fruitful and deserves special attention. In order to stimulate more work done in this field, the birth of a society was launched on the final day of the conference: the Design and Emotion society.

With a strong base in the Dutch design world, the society started a range of initiatives to promote, stimulate, and contribute to experience/emotion driven product design. The society aims to be a platform for researchers, designers, and other practitioners in the field of product design, to share their common interest in the relationship between design and emotion and to exchange insights and experiences. Among the society's initiatives were a series of emotion-driven design workshops, the construction of a website (, and the co-organisation of a 2 conference on design and emotion ('Emotionale'), hosted by the Department of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, June 2000. This book represents the proceedings from the 3 international conference held at Loughborough University, UK.

At the two previous events, only researchers and designers, known for their knowledge and experience in design and emotion related issues, were I nvited t o present their work. Unlike those events, this conference was open to papers from everyone feeling the ability and urge to share their ideas or work in this field. However, efforts were made to avoid making it a traditional-and often soporific academic conference. In line with the society's objectives, practitioners (designers, marketers and product developers from design studios and industry) were specifically invited to present their work. Many of them did, and so did academics from various backgrounds, turning this volume into a colourful collection of ideas, approaches, methods, and tools representing the state of the art in design and research on 'design and emotion'. To guide the reader through this field of views, the papers have been presented under the following themes/topics:

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