Rethinking Global Political Economy: Emerging Issues, Unfolding Odysseys

Rethinking Global Political Economy: Emerging Issues, Unfolding Odysseys

Rethinking Global Political Economy: Emerging Issues, Unfolding Odysseys

Rethinking Global Political Economy: Emerging Issues, Unfolding Odysseys


This important volume presents innovative approaches to fundamental issues in global political economy. Together they provide multiple arguments and avenues for rethinking global political economy in a time of turmoil and system transformation. Rethinking Global Political Economy contains analysis of history, linguistics, class, culture, empirical data and normative concerns. It will appeal to those interested in seeing new perspectives and healthy heterodoxy in the study of political economy.


Kurt Burch received his PhD from the University of Minnesota. He is the author of "Property" and the Making of the International System, and coeditor, with Bob Denemark, of Constituting International Political Economy. His work develops innovative theoretical frameworks to explore conflicts and issues at the intersection of ipe and International Organization. His latest work investigates how changing conceptions of property rights and intellectual property rights help shape the organization, character, and content of the global political economy. More broadly, Burch explores how social rules are a medium through which power arises and social change occurs. As social change often sparks conflict, Burch, an award-winning mediator, also explores means for successfully managing international conflict.

Alejandro Colás teaches International Relations at the University of Sussex, England. He is author of International Civil Society: Social Movements in World Politics (Polity Press, 2002) and is an editor of the journal Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory.

Robert A. Denemark is coeditor of World System History: the Social Science of Long-Term Change (Routledge, 2000). His work in the area of international political economy, international relations theory, ethnic violence, and terror has appeared in edited volumes and journals in political science, sociology, and economics. Denemark is coeditor of the International Political Economy Yearbook and associate editor of International Studies Perspectives.

Hartmut Elsenhans, born in 1941, teaches International Relations in Leipzig, Germany. He has also taught in New Delhi, Salzburg, Lisbon, Dakar, Konstanz, Marburg, Frankfurt, and Berlin. He has field research experience in France, Algeria, Senegal, Bangladesh, and India. He has published widely on problems of development, and on political movements in countries of Asia and Africa, especially India and Algeria. At the moment, he is working on a comparative analysis of new political movements in different cultural contexts, Algeria and India. He is codirecting a program for European Studies in New Delhi.

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