Public Management & Governance

Public Management & Governance

Public Management & Governance

Public Management & Governance


A comprehensive, in depth and accessible resource for students of public sector management and administration: with an international authorship, this is more comprehensive, cohesive and international than any other textbook in the area.


This book is about public management and public governance. We believe these concepts are fundamentally important to all citizens. Indeed, we shall argue that issues of public management and governance arise in most of the everyday activities which are important in people's lives.

For much of the past hundred years, these subjects were generally felt to be worthy but dull. We aim to show that these labels are no longer accurate.

Actually, issues of public management and public governance are often very surprising - and even exciting (see Box 1.1).


Londoners are shaking their heads in disbelief. Ken Livingston's congestion charge has delivered what it promised. Despite the deluge of scepticism and derision beforehand, London has suddenly become navigable; mobility is back. What was allegedly impossible - doing something about endemic traffic congestion - is, instead, with sufficient political will and daring, possible. Political action can change our world for the better. It says much about our impoverished times that I find it hard to think of a recent comparable action that has had such an obvious, instant and beneficial impact on our individual and collective lives, at least for those of us who live and work in London.

Source: Will Hutton, Observer, 2 March 2003

We also want to warn readers of this book that it can no longer be taken for granted that the activities of public management and governance are 'worthy' - sometimes they are conducted by 'sharks' rather than by 'suits' (see Box 1.2). Indeed, even when public services are managed by 'suits', the people wearing those suits may seek (and partially achieve) the lifestyle of 'fat cats' rather than 'public servants'. . .

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