Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel

Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel

Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel

Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel


The ten studies published in this volume were submitted, and accepted, for publication in Middle Eastern Studies. But it has seemed to the Editors that these studies, tackling as they do various issues stemming from the long drawn out conflict between Arabism and Zionism before and after the establishment of Israel, form a coherent collection and could, with advantage, be published together-hence the present volume. The studies fall into a number of well-defined groups. The first three chapters reconsider aspects of Arab-Jewish relations and the Arab struggle against Zionism from the arrival of Sir Herbert Samuel in Palestine until the end of the Mandate. New light is here thrown on Zionist attitudes to the Arab question, on the beginnings of the Arab armed struggle against the Mandate and Jewish settlement, and on the character of the intervention by the Muslim Brethren in the affairs of Palestine during the last years of the Mandate.

The next four chapters are concerned with the diplomatic events and the political decisions leading to the abandonment of the Mandate by Great Britain. Here, too, issues are raised and questions posed which stimulate thought and give rise to further questions.

Chapters eight and nine relate to the diplomatic history of Israel and of the Arab-Israeli conflict. They illustrate how the Palestine question, from being a relatively local and minor question at its beginnings, now has multifarious and world-wide ramifications.

Finally, the last chapter deals with an aspect of the political and economic life of town Arabs of Palestine who, through the accident of war, now find themselves Israeli citizens.



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