Globalization and Social Change: People and Places in a Divided World


Globalization and Social Change takes a refreshing new perspective on globalization and widening social and spatial inequalities. It draws on ideas about the new economy, risk society, welfare regimes and political economy to explain the growing social and spatial divisions characteristic of our increasingly divided world.Combining original argument with a clear exposition of the underlying processes, the book illustrates it's points through a series of case studies linking people in rich and poor countries. Emphasis is placed on the socio-economic aspects of change, particularly changes in working patterns and living arrangements, and reference is made to the new global division of labour, declining industrial regions and widening social divisions within what the author terms superstar regions. Broad in scope, changing family structures, the feminization of employment, migration, work life balance and new conceptions of gender identity and gender roles, are all discussed.Diane Perrons' enlightening book concludes that divisions by social class and gender are in some ways becoming more significant than divisions between nations, and suggests that new systems of social end economic organization are necessary for social peace in the new millennium.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 2004


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