Change Forces with a Vengeance

Change Forces with a Vengeance

Change Forces with a Vengeance

Change Forces with a Vengeance


Change Forces With a Vengeance is the third in the chaos theory trilogy (now called complexity theory). The first two books focused on understanding the real complexity of educational reform in action. This book pushes even deeper by providing new insights and lessons of change concerning moral purpose, and what is called tri-level reform - the school and community, the local district and the state. It draws on reform initiatives across many levels and countries so that the ideas are grounded in the reality of actual projects and findings. Change Forces With a Vengeance is different from the previous two books in one major respect. Instead of being content with understanding complex system dynamics, it takes up the more daunting question of how systems can be changed for the better. How can we achieve large-scale reform and do it in a way that the conditions for sustainability are enhanced? What policy levers are needed, and what is the smallest number of sets of policies that will maximise impact? What is the role of new leadership in accomplishing sustainable, comprehensive reform? These questions and more are addressed in ways that are both deeply theoretical, and powerfully practical.


This excellent book reveals that Michael Fullan has learnt much from our reform in England as we have learnt from him. Change Forces with a Vengeance is a fascinating account at the cutting edge of large scale change.

Michael Barber

Head, Policy Delivery Unit

Prime Minister Tony Blair's Office, United Kingdom

Change Forces with a Vengeance focuses and deepens our knowledge about large-scale change and improvement in public schools. It leads us into the big questions of how large-scale improvement can be made understandable and tractable, and how the institutional context of public schooling can be changed to support powerful learning for students and teachers.

Richard F. Elmore

Gregory R. Anrig Professor of Educational Leadership

Graduate School of Education, Harvard University

Michael Fullan, the world maestro of educational change shows not only how to make change stick but also how to make it spread and last. Cutting edge and controversial as ever, Fullan lets no teacher, leader or government rest on their educational laurels.

Andy Hargreaves

Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education

Department of Teacher Education, Curriculum and Instruction

Lynch School of Education, Boston College

In Change Forces With a Vengeance Fullan provides a comprehensive analysis of the complexity of large-scale reform together with insights as how to manage it. Fullan's book is enormously helpful. He not only delivers his characteristic insights and action oriented syntheses of the research, but also and more importantly, gives us the inspiration and courage to continue.

Professor David Hopkins

Head of the Standards and Effectiveness Unit

Department for Education and Skills, United Kingdom

Michael Fullan continues to push the envelope of understanding about the change process. With deep insight, he rejects the notion that the larger context in which change efforts take place, is a "state of affairs" or a given that must be understood rather than tampered with. Armed with a commitment to moral purpose and practical examples from his vast on-the-ground experience, Fullan points the way to sustainable transformation in education and beyond.

Dr Charles E. Pascal

Executive Director, Atkinson Charitable Foundation and

Former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education

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