Developing Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Developing Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Developing Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Developing Teaching and Learning in Higher Education


As a result of development within Higher Education teaching and learning, new lecturers are expected to have training and induction in teaching and learning strategies. This book provides an easy and accessible approach to the planning and preparation of teaching sessions, teaching in different settings and teaching across a diverse student population. Developing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education is supported by extensive research and provides practical examples of key issues. The book guides the new lecturer through the process of reflection and self-improvement, as well as demonstrating the benefits of producing a portfolio of development. This text also details how to achieve associate membership of the ILTHE and provides evidence for promotion.


Student learning

The main aim of this chapter is to show the nature and importance of teaching effectiveness in the higher education setting. It will demonstrate how teaching and learning need to be considered together, and have an integral role to play in student achievement. The present role of the teacher in higher education and how this role is changing and acquiring a greater importance will be explored. At the heart of the discussion will be ideas related to the relationship between pedagogic practice and the various disciplines within higher education.

Teaching is a complex social activity; you create a course by manipulating a number of personal and cognitive variables that you hope will serve the welfare of your students. Becoming competent and proficient in the development of programmes and the subsequent teaching of them depends on a myriad of things, but particularly an understanding of how students learn. Stimulating students to think creatively and independently requires insight into learning styles. This chapter will concentrate on student learning from a variety of perspectives. In this way it hopes to introduce the lecturer to a range of theories that can create more effective learning environments for their students.

The teaching/learning framework

As a lecturer it is essential that you present information, ideas, concepts and knowledge in a way students can learn. This sounds a very commonsense statement, but it is of significant importance. The way students learn and the learning styles they adopt are all elements of the teaching and learning process that new lecturers need to be aware of. There is a vast literature on human learning from a variety of perspectives. Psychology and especially developmental psychology give insight into human behaviour and the thinking processes adopted by individuals. The processes can and do influence the learning outcomes of teaching/learning situations.

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