Morphology, Shape and Phylogeny

Morphology, Shape and Phylogeny

Morphology, Shape and Phylogeny

Morphology, Shape and Phylogeny


This text provides a summary of the interdisciplinary work between biologists & mathematicians of two main areas: those who study form of organisms, & those who work on evolutionary relationships through analysis of common characteristics.


This book arises from a symposium 'Morphology, shape and phylogenetics' which formed part of the Second Biennial International Conference of the Systematics Association held at the University of Glasgow in August 1999. The aim of the Biennial conferences is to encourage discussion between many systematists who, although they specialise in specific taxonomic groups, confront common methodological and theoretical problems. The aim is to encourage younger scientists both to present their own work but also to become involved in broader systematic issues. As a catalyst these symposia bring together scientists with contrasting views.

This particular symposium, dedicated to the relationship between morphometrics and systematics, was stimulated by recent publications which have suggested ways in which morphometric data may be used in phylogenetic systematics as well as a synthesis of morphometric methods. The time seemed right for a compilation of ideas.

We would like to thank the Systematics Association, Dr Gordon Curry, University of Glasgow and his team of organisers who made the symposium possible.

Norman MacLeod and Peter L. Forey

The Natural History Museum, London, 2001

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