Aspects of Teaching Secondary Design and Technology: Perspectives on Practice

Aspects of Teaching Secondary Design and Technology: Perspectives on Practice

Aspects of Teaching Secondary Design and Technology: Perspectives on Practice

Aspects of Teaching Secondary Design and Technology: Perspectives on Practice


Design and technology is one of the newest subjects on the school curriculum, and one that continues to develop. Aspects of Teaching Secondary Design and Technology: Perspectives on Practice has been compiled to meet the needs of those teaching and training to teach the subject. Beginning by outlining the national curriculum for design and technology, the book goes on to look at what design and technology is in the primary school, at examination level and post-16. Vocational qualifications relevant to design and technology are also discussed. There are chapters looking at the relationship between design and technology and the wider social and cultural context. The development of cross-curricular skills and value judgements are discussed as are sustainability and the role of the community in the teaching and learning of design and technology. Together, these articles comprise a sound guide to good classroom practice, related to the requirements of the curriculum, and rooted in the professional perspectives of experienced teachers.


This book is aimed at students in initial teacher training, but may be of use to newly-qualified teachers or those returning to teaching. It may also prove useful to practising teachers who are mentoring students or inducting newly-qualified teachers, as it addresses issues covered in initial teacher training.

Design and Technology is an innovative subject, and one that will continue to change to take account of developments in science, industry and society. What is unlikely to change, however, are the principles on which the subject is built and the unique role that it plays in pupils' development. Not only does it develop their knowledge about materials and processes, it also helps them to develop valuable skills. Design and Technology integrates theoretical and practical knowledge, and draws on a wide knowledge base. It presents endless possibilities for teachers and pupils, and this is what makes it exciting and interesting.

The book begins with a section which attempts to describe what Design and Technology is in the school context. The first chapter outlines the current national curriculum for Design and Technology. Chapters 2 to 4 then look in more detail at the subject in primary school, at GCSE level and post-16. There is an increasing interest in the role of vocational qualifications in school, and Chapter 5 looks at these in relation to Design and Technology. The final chapter in this section considers how Design and Technology departments structure and organize themselves.

The second section is concerned with various aspects of Design and Technology in the classroom, an important area for new teachers, given the complex nature of the subject. Chapters 7 and 8 consider the importance of planning lessons, managing resources and selecting appropriate teaching strategies to help secure effective learning. Chapter 9 looks in detail at the 'design' aspect of the subject, and issues involved in the teaching and learning of design.

Design and Technology aims to reflect industrial practices, and the next five chapters look at some aspects of these which can be found in classrooms. Information and communications technology (ICT) is growing rapidly in schools, but more so in industry. Chapter 10 gives some insights into how ICT can be utilized effectively in the teaching and learning of Design and Technology. Industrial and business practices often involve taking risks, problem-solving, working in teams and working on projects. Chapters 11 to 14 cover these areas in relation to Design and Technology in schools. Chapter 15 looks at ways in which teachers can plan work to meet the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs. Designing and making relies on knowledge from across the curriculum, and

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