Measuring Business Excellence

Measuring Business Excellence

Measuring Business Excellence

Measuring Business Excellence


Business Excellence and Total Quality Management models measure the satisfaction of customers, employers and shareholders. This book comparatively evaluates such models and discusses the complexities of effectively measuring success.


Every sound organization strives for Business Excellence (BE) and thereby company, customer and employee satisfaction. Several Business Excellence Models (BEMs) are applied in organizations throughout the world. But what do the models accomplish? What can, the leading organization in every area, benefit from using these models? An organization is a very complex object to measure. Organizations are different in many aspects, for example, size, complexity and types of customer. Some people argue that what you really want to know about an organization is impossible to measure. I believe, or rather hope, that this is not true. The fact that most organizations do measure their performance, and, in my view, should continue to do so, means that there must be substance in organizational performance measurements. This book aims to reveal whether today's models are used to their full potential or if there is room for improvement.

What is business excellence?

Over the last ten years the term 'business' or 'organizational' excellence has become frequently used in quality and management literature. BE, as used by many authors of quality management literature, has the same or similar meaning as Total Quality Management (TQM).

Business Excellence Total Quality Management

BE is an evolution of TQM since it is built on the same values.

Total Quality Management

It is well known that in general about 85 per cent of the common problems of manufacturing and service industries are related to the management and system and only 15 per cent are specific to the operation and connected with

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