Web Production for Writers and Journalists

Web Production for Writers and Journalists

Web Production for Writers and Journalists

Web Production for Writers and Journalists


Web Production for Writers and Journalists is a clear and practical guide to planning, setting up and managing a website. Supported by a regularly updated and comprehensive website at www.producing.routledge.com, the book includes:*illustrated examples of good page design and site content*online support tutorials and information at www.producing.routledge.com*advice on content, maintenance, and how to use sites effectively*an extensive list of resources and Internet terminology.Now written specifically for journalists and writers, the second edition includes:*a comprehensive section on how ethics and regulation affect web producers*tutorials for the main applications used by web producers today*information on incorporating Flash and video into a website*guides to good practice for students of journalism, broadcasting and media studies.


What this book is

This book is about producing web sites and using one of the most important parts of the Internet, the World Wide Web, to maximum effect. the Web, which was established in the early 1990s and emerged as a mass medium in the second half of that decade, has attracted a huge amount of attention from the more traditional media as well as academic, business and, of course, computer-using communities.

The Web holds out the promise of publishing and communication on a potentially global scale to anyone with access to a computer and online connection. Producing a web site can be pleasurable in itself, developing technical, writing and design skills that culminate in well-crafted pages. When computers work well (and they do not, it must be admitted, always work well), they enable people to develop ideas and achieve things that previously could only be done by experts.

At the same time, these skills - writing about interests and passions, creating graphics and laying out pages, programming scripts and interactive elements - are becoming more important than ever at the start of a new century. Web production and management is becoming a career for more and more people rather than a hobby. As such, web producers need to understand the principles of how sites can work effectively and what abilities they need to develop for this new medium, both on a technical level and to communicate proficiently.

This book is a practical guide for anyone interested in the principles of web production, whether students, professionals or those who may be interested in developing their design skills for personal interests. Creating web sites is no longer the preserve of computer engineers, programmers and scientists but is open to a much wider group.

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