Home Truths about Child Sexual Abuse: Influencing Policy and Practice - A Reader

Home Truths about Child Sexual Abuse: Influencing Policy and Practice - A Reader

Home Truths about Child Sexual Abuse: Influencing Policy and Practice - A Reader

Home Truths about Child Sexual Abuse: Influencing Policy and Practice - A Reader


Home Truths analyzes the structural constructionist perspective on the origins and effects of violence, abuse and inequality to illustrate the different forms of power relations that exist and how they operate at an institutional and societal plane, and also at an individual level. Issues of marital rape, female mutilation and children who murder are tackled, and scrutinized alongside social policy and legislation.


Every paper in this edited volume is here for one purpose only: that is, for what it contributes to the objective of child protection and child sexual abuse prevention conceptualised as 'stopping abusers abusing'. With that in mind it brings together material from many different sources and people from the UK and USA, most of whose paths would be unlikely to cross except in the pages of this book, but whose work contains insights or knowledge that, joined together, covers what needs to be known in order to prevent the sexual abuse of children.

Contributors to this book represent a wide range of professional and academic disciplines. Professions include: paediatric medicine (Marietta Higgs and Geoffrey Wyatt), social work (Hilary Eldridge, Tony Morrison, Bobbie Print, Sue Richardson and Sara Swann), probation (Ray Wyre), child and adolescent forensic psychiatry (Susan Bailey), clinical psychology (Heather Bacon) and psychotherapy (Alice Miller and Joan Woodward). Academic disciplines include sociology (Sheila Burton, Liz Kelly, Sarah Nelson, Linda Regan and Diana E. H. Russell), social work (Rebecca Bolen and Maria Scannapieco) and social policy (Elaine Farmer, Morag Owen and myself). Louise Armstrong is an independent scholar and author.

The research team which produced the paper on 'Risk factors for development of sexually abusive behaviour in sexually victimised adolescent boys' in chapter twelve also includes a range of professional and academic disciplines. These are behavioural sciences (David Skuse), child psychiatry (Arnon Bentovim), child psychotherapy (Jill Hodges, Chriso Andreou and Monica Lanyado), clinical pscyhology (Michelle New) and research psychology (Jim Stevenson, Bryn Williams and Dean McMillan). Information about the contributors' institutional and organisational affiliations can be found on pages xii to xviii.

I call this book 'a reader'. Reflecting this there is considerable diversity of source and genre, style and length. The material also differs in nature and kind, from a chapter consisting of drawings with captions, to tape recorded interviews edited into narratives, together with scientific papers reporting findings from research, and analytical and theoretical papers involving the re-analysis of data from qualitative and quantitative research studies, and the extrapolation of policy implications from clinical work. Some chapters are original to the book.

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