HRD and Learning Organisations in Europe

HRD and Learning Organisations in Europe

HRD and Learning Organisations in Europe

HRD and Learning Organisations in Europe


Lifelong learning is moving from buzzword to reality. This book resulted from a European study into the changing views and practices of professionals in the field of human resource development with regard to lifelong learning.


This book is based on the results of a European study into 'The role of hrd within organisations in creating opportunities for lifelong learning'. the project, carried out by an international team of researchers, aimed to capture hrd concepts and practices throughout seven European countries: Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy.

The partnership was a very fruitful one, and working on the project proved to be a learning opportunity for all involved. Therefore, the researchers would like to thank the European Union for funding this project. We hope the results live up to their expectations.

Equally crucial in bringing this project into being were the hrd practitioners and line managers (and their companies) who participated in this project. They were willing to lend us a 'look behind the scenes' by giving interviews or filling out our questionnaires. We were impressed by their enthusiastic stories, their strong views on the hrd field, the openness with which they discussed differences between 'current practices' and 'ideals', and the creative solutions they came up with to innovate their hrd practices, and we want to thank them very much for their contribution.

For the reader, it is important to note that the practices described in the case studies date from 1998. Given the dynamic nature of businesses and hrd practices, probably many of the facts have changed: mergers took place, new businesses were started up, department and company names have changed, etc. But the stories told in the case studies, are still relevant and recognisable today for both academics and hrd practitioners. We hope they will find them useful in further exploring and developing the field of hrd.

On behalf of the research team,
Saskia Tjepkema

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