The Woman Who Lost Her Skin: (And Other Dermatological Tales)

The Woman Who Lost Her Skin: (And Other Dermatological Tales)

The Woman Who Lost Her Skin: (And Other Dermatological Tales)

The Woman Who Lost Her Skin: (And Other Dermatological Tales)


An inspirational collection of tales, they explain ailments of the skin, including melanoma, warts, albinism, & toxic epidermal necrolysis. Rob Norman explores the history & etiology of each condition & talks the reader through diagnosis.


In this fascinating, delightful, insightful and informative account of frontline medicine Dr Robert Norman joins a notable list of physician storytellers who report their daily, intimate experiences for the enlightenment and entertainment of the public. He is a worthy descendant of the likes of Chekhov who brought the physician's eye to the comedies and tragedies of the sick and scared.

While this book is eminently readable and therefore susceptible to the criticism of being superficial - even funny - no one should be deceived by Norman's lively, narrative style. Chronic skin diseases cause a lot of misery with devastating effects on the quality of people's lives. Norman shows his empathetic skills in his humanistic, non-affected manner of cheerfully helping these patients.

Dr Norman is a scholar who possesses the rare ability to use the conversational form to communicate how the caring, compassionate doctor deals with frightened patients. He is the holistic doctor who takes into account patients' beliefs and feelings to the enhancement of a favorable therapeutic outcome.

Norman is a talking-listening doctor who knows how to avoid doctor-speak to learn more about his patients' fears and hopes. This book allows you become a close observer of what is actually going on in the patient-doctor encounter. Medical students, drowning in a Niagara of new evidence-based medicine, would do well to read this account. They will learn much more about the art of medicine than the professoriate has the time or interest to teach them.

In a time when doctors are widely thought to be merely technocrats who dispense medicines rather than psychological support and counseling, Norman's chatty account is an inspiration for those who long for that

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