Rethinking Aggression and Violence in Sport


Rethinking Aggression and Violence in Sport explores the psychological aspects of aggression and violence -nbsp;two intrinsic elements of competitive sport. Some people think there is no place for aggression and violence in sport. Such a view is misguided. Those who understand the real nature of contact sports know that sanctioned aggression and violence are a primary source of players' excitement, pleasure and satisfaction and thus a major factor in their motivation for participation. Others claim that soccer hooligans and other sports rioters are 'yobs' involved in a mindless activity, while the truth is that the motivation behind this behaviour is not so straightforward. This book critically examines the important issues associated with aggression and violence in sport, including: *nbsp;a review of current theory in the psychology of aggression * exploration of how players become acclimatised to physical violence *nbsp;discussion of the psychological benefits of sanctioned and unsanctioned sport violence * examination of the moral and ethical dimensions of the debate * the psychological basis of spectator aggression * case studies from a wide variety of sports. This text is a must read for researchers and students within sport studies, psychology and sociology with an interest in human violence and aggressive behaviour.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 2005


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