The Handbook of International Psychology

The Handbook of International Psychology

The Handbook of International Psychology

The Handbook of International Psychology


Destined to be the benchmark in international psychology texts, this indispensable volume provides a comprehensive understanding of the discipline of psychology as it has evolved in different regions of the world, in hopes of advancing Western psychology from its individually based, parochial, and ethnocentric paradigm toward one that takes into account the many interlaced contextual variables that affect human behavior. Unmatched in scope and coverage, this text surveys psychology in 27 countries from 9 distinct regions across 6 continents. To achieve this panoramic vista of psychology around the world, eminent psychologists Michael J. Stevens and Danny Wedding bring together leading international experts to write about the psychology of their country. Vital to contemporary psychologists in an increasingly global world, the text includes an overview of each country's psychology, the education and training of psychologists, the scope of psychological practice, and future challenges and prospects. An invaluable reference tool for researchers, practicioners, and students, the Handbook describes the new speciality of international psychology, identifies important international psychology organizations, forecasts the future of psychology worldwide, and offers readers who are accustomed to Western perspectives a glimpse into psychologies that have different historical and cultural roots.


In recent years, there has been a renewed focus on connecting countries around the world through international psychology. There is growing cultural and ethnic diversity in many countries, and this, along with the increasing globalization of the world economy, has led to a focus on international cooperation among nations. Over the past few decades, several international conferences and congresses related to psychology have been held in different parts of the developed and developing world. Cities and communities all over the world are becoming increasingly diverse, and this diversity has led to a need for increased awareness of multiculturalism and the importance of international psychology.

Research in the social sciences, as well as in other sciences, is recognizing cultural factors and realizing the importance of cross-cultural and cross-ethnic comparisons in studies. Nations are beginning to realize how much more they can learn from one another by sharing ideas and working together toward international cooperation. Psychological explanations for events and people's behavior must be understood in relation to the context and the sociocultural world in which people are immersed.

The Handbook of International Psychology provides an opportunity to educate readers about international perspectives by giving the unique perspectives of several different areas of the world. This book will likely encourage communication among members of the international community through its promotion of awareness of global issues and perspectives. The Handbook is a collection that can be read and referred to continuously in the coming years. The knowledge that it provides will serve as a major resource internationally for psychologists, scientists, and graduate and undergraduate students, as well as educators. The editors are to be admired for producing a work that will certainly prove to be an essential guidebook in the coming years.

The publication of this volume represents the current work of the best thinkers in the field of international psychology. It builds on a foundation of prior knowledge, while also moving forward to discuss the evolving characteristics of psychology worldwide. It investigates concerns of global significance, societal transformation and national development, and international psychology organizations, as well as

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