Life after Self-Harm : a Guide to the Future

Life after Self-Harm : a Guide to the Future

Life after Self-Harm : a Guide to the Future

Life after Self-Harm : a Guide to the Future


'Life After Self-Harm' is written for individuals who have deliberately harmed themselves. Developed through a major research project, the contents of the manual have been informed and shaped by many users and expert professionals. The book is illustrated with multiple case-histories.


You have recently attempted to harm yourself. Perhaps it is the first time in your life, perhaps it is something you have done several times before when you felt unable to cope with problems, tensions or crises. Perhaps you wanted to die, perhaps you harmed yourself for a different reason, perhaps you are unsure about why you did what you did.

At the moment you may be experiencing a mixture of feelings and thoughts. You may still feel extremely shaken up by what you did. Part of you may feel pleased or relieved to be alive. You may feel angry that someone stopped you from harming yourself, or you may feel ashamed about what you did. Perhaps you don't want to be reminded of what happened, as the problem or crisis that caused you to harm yourself has now blown over. Perhaps the problem that led you to harm yourself is still looming as large as ever and seems completely impossible to overcome. Perhaps harming yourself is the only way you know of dealing with certain intense feelings or desires and nothing else works as well.

In any case you may be asking yourself why you should bother to read this book. Perhaps you are in two minds about it. You may even be tempted to throw it away and declare it useless before you have looked at it. Feeling that everything is useless is a very common feeling in people who are suicidal. Our intention in writing this book is to get you to stop and think. Don't just say: “I am past being helped, I have tried it all and I know it all.”

Our aim is to try to help you to understand why you got to the point at which you harmed yourself and to help you look at whether there might be different ways of dealing with the difficulties that you are facing. We cannot tell you what

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