India as an Emerging Power

India as an Emerging Power

India as an Emerging Power

India as an Emerging Power


These essays examine India's relations with key powers including the Russian Federation, China and the USA and with key adversaries in the global arena in the aftermath of the Cold War. One positive relationship is that of India's relations with Israel since 1992 in view of the nation's Muslim population.


Deepa Ollapally

Indo-Russian relations have had to be significantly refashioned, if not reinvented, since the end of the Cold War with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and along with it, the foundation of India's decades-old foreign policy framework.

In 1991, India simultaneously faced twin shocks: the undoing of its strategic framework and a financial crisis rooted in the decaying Nehruvian economic model. Russia continues to be plagued by multiple challenges in the security and economic sphere and remains uncertain about the major parameters of its foreign policy. For both states, it is clear that the old era of predictable partners and well-worn issues has dramatically changed. in its place, they have to deal with cross-cutting issues and cleavages, strategic events with enormous flux and no overarching framework, all of which require much more diplomatic finesse and nimbleness in relation to friends and foes who cannot be taken for granted and are no longer fixed.

Both countries continue to be preoccupied with finding their footing on the global scene, but ten years hence, India seems to have weathered the crises better than Russia in refashioning a viable economic and strategic posture. in the process, this period has witnessed a certain amount of experimentation in strategic affairs by Russia and India, with lessons that are not going to be lost on either vis-à-vis the limits and possibilities of their future ties.

In considering the contours of Indo-Russian strategic relations in the post-Cold War period and their future prospects, this paper will approach the topic at three levels of analysis: bilateral, regional and global. the main argument of the paper is that while the relationship at the bilateral level has been critical so far, the global level has receded and will continue to do so,

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