The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1590-91

The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1590-91

The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1590-91

The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1590-91


This is Volume V in the series on “Elizabethan Nonconformist Texts.” Volume I was issued in 1951 with the title, Cartwrightiana. In 1953 Volume II was published, The Writings of Robert Harrison and Robert Browne. In 1962 two volumes were issued, Volume III being The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1587-1590, and Volume IV being The Writings of John Greenwood, 1587-1590, together with the Joint Writings of Henry Barrow and John Greenwood, 1587-1590. Volume VI will be forthcoming in about a year, with the title, The Writings of John Greenwood and Henry Barrow, 1591-1593. Volume V has eleven items and Volume VI will have approximately thirty-five items. Also, a bibliography will be included in Volume VI for the four volumes on the works of Barrow and Greenwood.

The principles of editing in Volume V are the same as those enumerated in the preface of Volume III.

I feel a special debt of gratitude to Mrs. Orin Tramz for accurate and speedy typing of difficult Elizabethan material. For a much-appreciated sabbatical year I thank President E.C. Colwell. For the many keepers of books and custodians of precious manuscripts I have pleasant memories of efficient service. To Sir John Neale, Joel Hurstfield, and S.T. Bindoff I am grateful for discussions of Elizabethan problems and for long friendships. To R.B. Wernham I am indebted for a document location. And to the publisher, Sir Stanley Unwin of the firm, George Allen and Unwin Ltd., to Barbara Clapham and the trustees of the Sir Halley Stewart Trust, I express my sincere thanks.


December 12, 1964.

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