Reshaping Teaching in Higher Education: Linking Teaching with Research


* Do students gain when they are taught by active researchers?* Should all faculty be involved in research?* What are the benefits students (and their parents) should get from studying at an elite research university b" and paying higher fees for the privilege?In Scholarship Re-Considered, Ernest Boyer challenged US universities to bbreak out of the tired old teaching versus research debate.b This book provides an international perspective on how universities, departments and individual faculty have successfully sought to connect their research to the benefit of student learning and institutional mission. It directly addresses the ways teaching-research links can be developed.Building on research, the literature and wide practical experience, the authors show how academic research activity can be connected to academic teaching activity in such a way as to ensure that neither operates in a vacuum and, most importantly, that each can be enhanced by the other.The book addresses the issues at the individual, course and institutional levels, as well as at the level of public policy. An important work for faculty, faculty developers and adm

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 2003


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