Science and Racket Sports III

Science and Racket Sports III

Science and Racket Sports III

Science and Racket Sports III


Science and Racket Sports III introduces the edited papers and keynote addresses presented at the combined Third World Congress of Science and Racket Sports and Eighth International Table Tennis Federation Sports Science Congress, in February 2003. The papers are brought together by world-class experts: Lees is Chair of the World Congress for Sports Science Rackets Division, Kahn is Technical Director of the International Table Tennis federation, and Maynard is Secretary of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists. The papers detail cutting edge research in racket sports science in five key areas: * notational match analysis * sports medicine * biomechanics * sports psychology * sports physiology. This valuable collection embraces a broad spectrum of the issues being examined by contemporary sports scientists, and will be of interest to researchers in sports biomechanics and ergonomics, sports engineering and elite racket sports professionals.


The meeting incorporating both the Third World Congress of Science and Racket Sports and the Eighth International Table Tennis Federation Sports Science Congress was held at the National Institute for Sport and Physical Education, Paris France from May 17 -19 2003.

The World Congress of Science and Racket Sports was the third in its series (the first being held at Runcorn, UK in 1993 and the second at Lilleshall, UK in 1997) and this volume represents the third published book of proceedings of this congress. It is a part of the academic programmes initiated by the World Commission of Science and Sports which, over the last three decades, has promoted applied sports science congresses on swimming, football, golf, and winter sports. The broad aim of these congresses is to bring together scientists whose research work is concerned with particular sports and practitioners in these sports who are interested in obtaining current information about scientific aspects.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) holds its Sports Science Congress biannually and this was the eighth in its now well established series. It has the aim of promoting and disseminating scientific research specifically within the game of table tennis.

The aims of each congress are thus broadly similar and so when the opportunity arose to combine the two congresses again (they were also amalgamated at Lilleshall in 1997) this was welcomed by both groups. Joint organising and scientific committees were established and their members worked together to promote the aims of both organisations. The scientific programme consisted of a series of keynote lectures, podium communications, poster presentations and workshops. The result was a well attended congress with participants from every continent who were able to interact across the scientific disciplines and across the various racket sports.

The organisers are indebted to the ITTF whose sponsorship of the combined event ensured its success. The organisers are also grateful for the co-operation and support given by the French Table Tennis Association.

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