How Professionals Make Decisions

How Professionals Make Decisions

How Professionals Make Decisions

How Professionals Make Decisions


This volume is the fruit of the 5th conference on Naturalistic Decision Making which focused on the importance of studying people who have some degree of expertise in the domain in which they make decisions. The substantive concerns pertain to how individual and groups make decisions in professional and organizational settings, and to develop suitable methods for studying these questions rigorously. This volume will be of interest to practitioners in business and government, as well as academics and students who are interested in naturalistic decision-making.


This book has been realized as a result of the 2000 Naturalistic Decision Making Conference in Stockholm. This event provided the basis for the chapters of this book. We are indebted to the sponsors of this conference: Swedish Research Council, The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, and the Swedish National Defence College. We also wish to thank Peter Thunholm from the Swedish Defence College who organized the conference together with editors of this book and, in addition, made the conference work practically.

Many thanks also go to the contributors of this volume for their efforts to bring this project to a successful end.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge Robert Hoffman, series editor for this book, for his support and helpful advice in planning this book project, and Kristin Duch and Sondra Guideman of Lawrence Erlbaum Associates for their help and professionalism with editorial and production matters.

Henry Montgomery Raanan Lipshitz Berndt Brehmer . . .

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