The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation

The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation

The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation

The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation


The Practice Of Crime Scene Investigation covers numerous aspects of crime scenes investigation, including the latest in education and training, quality systems accreditation, quality assurance, and the application of specialist scientific disciplines to crime. Written by authors specifically chosen for their expertise in this specialized field, the book includes discussion on fingerprinting, dealing with trauma victims, photofit technology, the role of the pathologist and ballistic expert, clandestine laboratories, and explosives. This comprehensive book is a valuable reference for everyone interested in forensic science and the broader application of the justice system.


What I have attempted to achieve in this book is to provide police officers, crime scene investigators, including other field scientists, and those practising forensic science at the bench, a philosophical and practical grounding in forensic science, particularly crime scene investigation, as one of the most, if not, the most important disciplines within forensic science. The contributors to this book have provided an insight into their respective speciality areas, each presenting their subject as if they had carriage of the crime scene investigation.

Each chapter stands alone and has been organised in such a way that the selected topic is examined with a focus on the individual requirements for each speciality area. The monograph commences with a complete treatment of crime scene investigation and concludes with a discussion on the key issues for crime scene investigators for the future.

The book is 'Australian' in flavour as we believe that crime scene investigation has matured considerably in Australia during the last decade. Many of our initiatives are leading edge and are worthy of consideration by others. We have come a considerable distance with the introduction of education and training programmes, career paths and structures and third party quality systems accreditation, all centred around crime scene investigation.

I hope that this book will be seen as a 'beginning' and that others will develop the subject of crime scene investigation through evolution of further editions of this book.

Canberra, Australia

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