Learning through Storytelling in Higher Education: Using Reflection & Experience to Improve Learning


* The first book to cover storytelling as a learning tool at higher education level* Storytelling as a learning tool is increasingly popular.* Has been the keynote subject of several recent education conferences around the world."Janice McDrury and Maxine Alterio have woven together artfully the traditions of story-telling and reflective learning. Through the authentic voice of the authors' own experiences, readers will find a wealth of ideas for students and professionals seeking to give stories and storytelling an honored place in their learning and practice within educational and clinical settings." -- Carol S Witherell, Professor of Education, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, USA"Learning Through Storytelling in Higher Education" explores ways of using storytelling as a teaching and learning tool. When storytelling is formalized in meaningful ways, it can capture everyday examples of practice and turn them into an opportunity to learn - encouraging both reflection, a deeper understanding of a topic and stimulating critical thinking skills. The technique can accommodate diverse cultural, emotional and experiential incidents, and ma

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 2003


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