Active Citizenship in Schools: A Good-Practice Guide to Developing a Whole-School Policy


Previously announced as "Citizenship and Community Learning in Schools, " CSV is known in Britain for its high profile citizenship and community learning schemes, including the Barclays New Futures project, National Tutoring scheme and the Millennium Awards. In addition, CSV Education for Citizenship provides a full support and consultancy service for assisting with the development of citizenship and community links by schools, education authorities, organizations and government. This book is based directly on this experience, and will carry their successful and tested approaches across the education sector. This book provides the support needed for schools and other groups to develop citizenship and community learning links as an active part of their curriculum. Point-by-point advice for school leaders and managers is backed up by an unrivaled range of national case studies and experiences, covering peer learning, community service, environmental work, inter generational projects and initiatives to develop communities and schools through the arts, sciences and sports.

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