Contemporary Ergonomics 2003

Contemporary Ergonomics 2003

Contemporary Ergonomics 2003

Contemporary Ergonomics 2003


The availability of electric lighting has changed the lives of people the world over and lighting is a major consumer of energy, yet little has been written about the forms of lighting that can alter human visual capabilities and enhance productivity, ensure comfort and create appropriate lighting conditions. It is important to understand the forms of lighting available, and their appropriateness to specific activities, in order to apply the technology most effectively.

This book is a comprehensive review of the interaction of people and lighting and supercedes the author's classic Human Factors in Lighting. The technology has changed markedly in recent years with the introduction of new light sources and new methods of light distribution. The significance of specialist lighting applications, such as photobiology, are now becoming better understood. The nature of work itself has changed, and hence so have lighting requirements. Equally, the development of the technology has created new opportunities for improving peoples' work and leisure environments.


Contemporary Ergonomics 2003 is the proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Ergonomics Society, held in April 2003 at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. The conference is a major international event for ergonomists and human factors specialists, and attracts contributions from around the world.

Papers are chosen by a selection panel from abstracts submitted in the autumn of the previous year and the selected papers are published in Contemporary Ergonomics. Papers are submitted as camera ready copy prior to the conference. Each author is responsible for the presentation of their paper. Details of the submission procedure may be obtained from the Ergonomics Society.

The Ergonomics Society is the professional body for ergonomists and human factors specialists based in the United Kingdom. It also attracts members throughout the world and is affiliated to the International Ergonomics Association. It provides recognition of competence of its members through its Professional Register. For further details contact:

The Ergonomics Society

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