The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook: Making the Instructional Process Fast, Flexible, and Fun

The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook: Making the Instructional Process Fast, Flexible, and Fun

The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook: Making the Instructional Process Fast, Flexible, and Fun

The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook: Making the Instructional Process Fast, Flexible, and Fun


"Lou Russell offers an energetic style and systems approach that is invaluable for accelerating the learning process. Her skillful blending of research findings with personal examples is immensely informative, and, best of all, immediately useful!"_Randy Englund, co-author, Creating an Environment for Successful Projects; project manager, Hewlett-Packard"In today's helter-skelter world of information overload, where everyone needs to learn more skills and more information about new and unfamiliar areas, Lou Russell's wonderful new book The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook is packed with advice, guidelines, tips, and plain old fun. I couldn't put it down."_Ed Yourdon, software engineering author; consultant"Those involved in learning and helping others learn will become more effective by attending to the learning styles Lou Russell calls attention to."_Michael Ayers, 3M/Information Technology Teach Your Learners to Work Smarter, not Harder! Have you noticed that your training sessions are getting shorter with fewer people attending each time? More than likely, the professionals in your organization are experiencing the same information overload that everyone else is, with less and less time to devote to learning the new skills necessary to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Yet most of the training today's professionals are offered is outmoded and ineffective-a waste of your time and theirs! The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook is a complete course in a book, which will give you-whether you're a trainer, manager, teacher, or salesperson-the tools you need to ensure that maximum learning and maximum retention are taking place in your training sessions, sales sessions, and classrooms. You'll learn how to: Improve your communication skills Identify the best way individual learners learn ethink your personal beliefs that block learning Use music to create focused learning environments Measure the effectiveness of a learning session and more! No other accelerated learning resource will offer you so many up-to-date tips, techniques, processes, and theories. Everything you need to create a learning organization-including a music CD to learn by-is between these covers. Enhance learning, foster a quicker grasp of the concepts you present, and ensure greater overall retention of your material with this practical, comprehensive fieldbook.


Receiving requires a genuine humility that may be uncomfortable and difficult to achieve, whereas giving poses the risk of arrogance which, unfortunately, is easy to come by.

—Robert K. Greenleaf, On Becoming a Servant Leader

Writing my first book has been a learning experience for me, on many levels. Without the help of the people at Jossey-Bass, including Matt Holt and Kathleen Davies, I never would have even started this large a project. Detail work is not my forte, and that aspect has been intimidating. the joy of creativity, however, has balanced the discomfort of details.

My best friends and office partners, Margie Brown, Vija Dixon, Carol Mason, and LuAnn Woodruff, worked hard to keep the business away from me whenever I had to write. They picked up the detail work, knowing it was not something I do well. Jim Highsmith encouraged me as he experienced a parallel set of expectations with the publication of his own book (a new approach to complex projects), called Adaptive Development. It was wonderful to have someone understand. Marty Morrow composed and produced a music cd for this book after only a brief lunch meeting and with no help from me. Thanks are not enough.

One of the things I was reminded of by the editors was that the book was about you, the reader. the first draft of the book had an awful lot about me and what I thought, which I didn't notice when I wrote it. I learned that this kind of thing can sound pompous to people who don't know me, and it did to the talented editors. My friends who reviewed the book were more gentle, of course, because they know the passion I have for learning. It permeates every aspect of my life. in fact, my personal mission is:

To ignite, affirm, and sustain learning . . .

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